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Blogs from Tikalanka are designed to enhance your knowledge of Sri Lanka and Maldives and keep you up to date with recent developments. We intend to post regular features on travel, news, lifestyle and accommodation as well as guest articles from current and past customers, which will give you first-hand experience of Tikalanka, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Archive: November 2019

Pathi holding aloft the katina cheevaraya (robe) during the early morning perahera for the Katina Pinkama ceremony, Kandy, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #48/2019: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 27th November 2019

I have just returned from my annual research trip to Sri Lanka, although it may be biannually from now on considering the climate crisis… On arrival on the island, it was a privilege to be invited to the Katina Pinkama ceremonies at Pathi and Suba’s house and local temple, where they had the honour of offering the special robe for the event to Nanda sadhu, their head monk and great friend of mine.

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Supporters of Gotabaya Rajapaksa celebrate his election victory in Colombo (courtesy of Eranga Jayawardena/AP)

TikaWeeks #47/2019: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 19th November 2019

Sri Lanka has a new President, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, another of the brothers from the infamous political dynasty. Running his campaign on strengthening security and the economy, his objectives seem to have struck a chord with the majority Sinhalese Buddhist community, which makes up over 70% of the island’s population, particularly following the atrocities perpetrated on Easter Sunday. However, is Gotabaya Rajapaksa the president Sri Lankans need?

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