Office-based Environmental Policy

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The UK office of Tikalanka, which is based within the Lake District National Park, follows a recycling, energy saving and environmentally sensitive operational policy:

  • Re-use of scrap paper.
  • Use of 50% recycled paper for letterheads; brochures; and all printed marketing material.
  • Brochures printed on Total Chlorine-Free paper.
  • 100% recycling of used paper and printer cartridges.
  • Reducing the need for printed brochures by having our brochure available as a PDF document online. This also reduces the need for mailing envelopes. All future brochures will be available online only.
  • Computers and accessories, including our ‘all-in-one’ multifunction printer, operate on energy saving modes and are always switched off when not in use.
  • Use of low-energy office lighting (mostly LEDs), which is always switched off when not in use.
  • 100% renewable energy for our electricity supply from our own off-grid small wind turbine (Evance R9000 5kW system) and solar photovoltaic array (Hyundai 4kW system).
  • 100% renewable energy for our heating requirements from our wood-fired central heating kitchen range (Lohberger AC105) and wood-fired stove (Stovax View 5) as well as surplus electricity generated by our small wind turbine (Evance R9000 5kW system), which powers a 6kW water immersion heater for the underfloor central heating system.
  • Preferential use of email and other internet-based technologies to reduce the amount of printed and paper-based material for correspondence and marketing purposes.

“Galkadawala, Habarana – the highlight of our trip. Cannot fault this unique lodge. However not for everyone, need to be OK with wildlife in room etc. We loved it. Very comfortable although rustic. Food and staff were exceptional.”

Carol & Sarah