Community-led Projects in Sri Lanka

Supporting Important Local Causes

One of the core interests of Tikalanka is the support and development of community-based projects in Sri Lanka. Involving the local community in a responsible and sustainable travel policy is the only way of limiting the long-term environmental and social impact of tourism. Ensuring that local communities benefit from the money travellers bring into the country is a priority and Tikalanka is developing close links with community-led projects on the island for this purpose.

Forgotten Village Sri Lanka

The Asian Tsunami highlighted the plight of coastal communities in Sri Lanka and our initial projects were targeted at Sri Lankan individuals and communities devastated by the tsunami (please ask us for details). However, many other communities away from the coast also lack essential materials and services and our objective is to offer long-term support to such Sri Lankan individuals and communities. By channelling all donations received by Forgotten Village Sri Lanka (a not-for-profit charitable organisation) into community-based projects on the island, we hope to provide sustained assistance to these communities in their endeavour to improve their lives. Tikalanka makes a contribution to Forgotten Village Sri Lanka for every holiday booked.

“One of our best ever holidays, with lots of lovely memories to look back on. We think that there would be plenty still to see on another trip in a few years’ time. Thank you very much for providing such a well-planned itinerary, some excellent individual hotels and, best of all, our lovely drivers [guides].”

Chris & Vee