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Blogs from Tikalanka are designed to enhance your knowledge of Sri Lanka and Maldives and keep you up to date with recent developments. We intend to post regular features on travel, news, lifestyle and accommodation as well as guest articles from current and past customers, which will give you first-hand experience of Tikalanka, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

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Tracey and thambili, Nilaveli Beach Hotel, Nilaveli, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #16/2018: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 22nd April 2018

Sri Lanka and its people are welcoming to all types of travellers – children, seniors, LGBTs, solo women and the mobility challenged. However, it is best to prepare for your trip to ensure that your holiday in Sri Lanka is enjoyable and trouble free. This week’s update includes a brief guide to visiting the island for different types of travellers, the last of our food series and a few recommended places to stay around Ella.

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Sri Lanka flag aflutter

TikaWeeks #15/2018: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 15th April 2018

Suba Aluth Awuruddak Wewa! Best wishes to all for the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year (14 April). An exciting and frantic time on the island for the locals, and an interesting period to travel as a foreign visitor, if you don’t mind going with the ‘flow’ – busy roads and public transport, closed shops, and a more laid back approach in the hotels! This week’s update continues with vegetarian options, a central tenet of Sri Lankan cooking, and some of our favourite places to stay in Galle.

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Lion's Paws Platform and staircase to the summit, Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #14/2018: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 8th April 2018

Although I have touched on travelling to Sri Lanka in the off season before, please consider it again, not just because it will save you money but it will also get you away from the crowds and you will visit particular areas at the best possible time. What could be better? You don’t need to visit too many temples if you follow our guide in this week’s update, and our food series continues along with recommended places to stay in the Knuckles Mountains region.

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Leopard seen in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka (photo courtesy of Martin Blow)

TikaWeeks #13/2018: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 1st April 2018

Tailor-made holidays to Sri Lanka and Maldives come in many hues and all of ours include quality tourist board-licensed chauffeur guides who are renowned for their knowledge, professionalism and friendliness. This week’s update describes a typical Tikalanka holiday with your own dedicated chauffeur guide, progress of our new online Trip Planner, continuation of our Sri Lanka food series and more on our accommodation offering.

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The Last House at dusk, Tangalle, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #12/2018: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 25th March 2018

Since the controversy of ‘Big Data’ is all over the news, I thought it appropriate to discuss the role of online travel reviews and accommodation portals in creating the perfect tailor-made holiday to Sri Lanka and Maldives. Everyone seems to use them but are they the panacea for choosing the best possible accommodation for your idyllic trip? This week’s update also continues our Sri Lanka food series and includes hotel special offers as well as current official travel advice to Sri Lanka and Maldives.

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Cricket net practice within the fort ramparts, Galle, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #11/2018: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 18th March 2018

Barmy army, barmy army, barmy army… Yes, England’s cricket team is off to play Sri Lanka in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean later this year and the tour dates are finally confirmed. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in seeing the cricket as hotels and tickets will sell out quickly. Tour dates and venues are listed in this week’s update along with a traditional Sri Lankan breakfast, more additions to our accommodation portfolio and what’s happening in Maldives.

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Plastic for recycling

TikaWeeks #10/2018: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 11th March 2018

After an unsettling and difficult week in Sri Lanka, it is refreshing to bring some positive news of the island’s commitment to environmental challenges with the banning of plastics from all designated Protected Areas, including all national parks and World Heritage Sites. This directive is a much needed boost to the country’s conservation efforts and a signal that the government takes environmental issues seriously. We continue with our food series, provide an accommodation update and suggest a reading list to appreciate the island’s wealth of architecture.

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A monk lighting votive candles, Kataragama, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #50/2017: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 17th December 2017

‘Tis the season to be jolly – ho, ho, holidays are upon us! Even Sri Lanka celebrates Christmas, amongst 23 other public holidays, and the island’s predilection for festive favourites covers a panoply of religions and significant occasions during the year. Ever heard of Sri Lanka’s second airport, Saffron Villa or The Planter’s Bungalow? More will be revealed. ‘Destinations’ is on the cards once more and then there is the usual news update to round things off for 2017. May we wish all of our customers past, present and future a resplendent 2018!

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Pathi walking with guests, Hanthana House, Kandy, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #47/2017: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 25th November 2017

Opportunities to travel out of season in Sri Lanka are now a serious offering since the north and east of the island have opened up and weather patterns have changed. Travelling in the “off” season, walking trails from Pathi’s homestay, train travel and a previous visit to The Knuckles are included in this week’s Sri Lanka update, along with a h(e)arty welcome to Sam, who joins the Tikalanka team!

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Ajith Safari Jeep Tours, Yala West National Park, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #46/2017: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 19th November 2017

Now back into the thick of it following my recent successful research trip to Sri Lanka, I visit WTM to catch up with colleagues from the travel industry, promote last-minute hotel deals around the island, offer a background to Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, report on the new restriction of jeeps allowed into Yala West National Park, delve into the archives and find a previous visit to Jaffna, and the usual news round-up.

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