Trip Planner

Create Your Own Dream Holiday

Tikalanka has developed a sophisticated and user-friendly online tailor-made Trip Planner, which offers you the opportunity to create your own holiday in Sri Lanka and Maldives, wherever you are! It enables you to choose the place, route, sites of interest, activities, length of stay, and type and style of accommodation that suits you best.

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  1. Log-in – enter your email address, password, contact telephone number, size of your party and your proposed departure date into the “New Customer” log-in and click “Submit”. Your registration details will be sent automatically to your email address.
  2. Starting your trip – choose your preferred departure airport and flight class and then select “Continue” to activate your itinerary, which will begin and end at Airport.
  3. Creating your own holiday – use the navigation page to create your holiday in Sri Lanka and Maldives by clicking on location ‘hot-spots’ on the large map to select sightseeing trips/activities and places to stay – Maldives may be accessed by clicking the aircraft symbol. To get more details of your itinerary, click "View". To save your itinerary, click "Save" – it is autosaved for your convenience in any case. You may return to it at anytime by logging in as an "Existing Customer". 
  4. Ending your trip – after selecting “End of Tour” at Airport, submit your itinerary for a price quotation. We will get back to you promptly with the cost of the holiday you have created, although this is not a 'live' pricing system so we will reply during normal working hours.