England, January/February 2020

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the organisation of my trip. Both Taru Villas [Lake Lodge, Colombo] and Hanthana House [Kandy] / Villa Araliya [Negombo] were such good book ends to my working trip.

Hanthana House was a particular highlight as Pathi and his wife were so welcoming. My room had a beautiful balcony overlooking the jungle, the food was incredible and it just felt like a lovely retreat. 

While I was out there I decided to do an impromptu safari trip which Pathi organised for me. My only comment would be that, as a solo traveller, it would have been good to know in advance that the driver taking me on this excursion would be present for the entirety of the trip/stay in the same place. The driver was friendly, knowledgeable and generous, it was just a bit of a surprise not to have much independence! [I think Pathi was making sure that you were chaperoned throughout as I had asked him to look after you very well during your stay. I am sorry if you felt a little claustrophobic with a personal guide.]

Regarding Qatar, all the flights were excellent. The only issue I had, which is a serious one, was that on the inbound flight to Sri Lanka an announcement was made on landing that they were going to spray the cabin with some for of disinfectant and warned to cover your face if you were potentially allergic. The spray then happened almost immediately. I found this absolutely astonishing and quite frankly like something out of a sci-fi novel. It seems completely unethical to expose people to a substance when they have no opportunity to expcape it, you are literally trapped! Especially with such little warning and no information on the contents of this spray. [It is mandatory for all flights arriving in Sri Lanka to spray the cabin before arrival and we agree that it is a draconian measure but the local health authorities are adamant that foreign insects should not be allowed into the country, especially since Sri Lanka was declared malaria-free by the WHO in 2016. We will make future customers aware of this procedure, as you suggest.]

This is naturally an issue completely separate to Tikalanka but I thought i would let you know as it may be equally as objectionable to other travellers who book with you.

Thank you again for a lovely experience and all the help you gave prior.

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