England, February/March 2020

Just to say back after a great trip to Sri Lanka - loved it all  - the country, the people everything. Shame I had not discovered it before.

Just for some feedback for you:

  1. The itinerary was perfect in terms of time in each place.
  2. First night at Mountbatten [Bungalow, Kandy] was good - only criticism was the food at dinner awful. The hotel itself was great. This is also commented upon by an English couple sitting next to me at dinner. In contrast [The] Secret Ella was great in every way.
  3. The train journey [Nanuoya to Ella] was a highlight and a must for all. I also did a zip wire across the valley - great.
  4. Anankara [Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, Tangalle] - great especially service. Only shame was the sea too rough to swim! [Yes, the sea is rough off the south and west coasts most of the year, unfortunately. The east coast beaches are the only ones that are calm for the main season (May to September).]
  5. Galle - brilliant - hotel excellent and good location. Staff excellent. Food great. [Yara Galle Fort]
  6. Niroshan was excellent - good driver, guide and company. Took him out for dinner in Ella.
  7. I had two different drivers for Tangalle to Galle and Galle to Colombo - Suresh and Prasad I think . All fine. Would be worth asking drivers not to use mobiles while driving not blaming anyone in particular as it makes British passengers nervous! [We ALWAYS warn our guides and drivers against using their mobiles whilst driving, in fact whenever they are with customers – it is a total no-no. However, some of the transfer drivers we use are not under our employ – Suresh and Prasad being examples – which makes it difficult for us to control. Nevertheless, I will ask Pathi to follow up for the future as that behaviour is not on.]
  8. I did not meet Pathi but we spoke on the phone.

I hope that is useful for you.

Will try and spread the word re Tikalanka.

Hope to go back to teach in Jaffna and visit the east coast.

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