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Getting Married in Sri Lanka & Maldives


The perfect backdrop to celebrate your special day - a wedding in Sri Lanka or Maldives. Tikalanka will be delighted to help organise your wedding in either Sri Lanka or Maldives, from arranging the registrar and official paperwork to advising on location and local customs, and then there is the honeymoon...

May be you would like a traditional Sri Lankan ceremony performed on a special decorative marriage dais (Poruwa), be dressed in the exotic ceremonial attire of ancient Sri Lankan royalty, be blessed by the Jayamangala Gatha (traditional wedding song) sung by a chorus of handmaidens, and celebrate with dancers and beating drums...

Or exchange vows in a hot air balloon at dawn as you gently drift over the picturesque Sri Lankan countryside around Sigiriya's Lion Rock...

Tikalanka specialises in bespoke tailor-made weddings so all arrangements will be made to your own specifications. Please contact us to discuss your wedding ideas in more detail.

To help you plan for your exotic 'Big Day', here is some background information on wedding ceremonies in Sri Lanka and Maldives (for your guidance only):

  • The wedding ceremony is legally binding in Sri Lanka but not in Maldives, as it is a Muslim country. Minimum residency period in Sri Lanka is 4 days prior to the wedding day.
  • Birth Certificates (both short and long certificates are acceptable)
  • Passports of bride and groom valid for a minimum of six months
  • A single status affidavit (to be prepared prior to travel)
  • If divorced - legal documentation (divorce certificates)
  • If widowed - former marriage certificate and death certificate
  • If name has been changed - deed poll certificate (includes reverting back to maiden name after being married and divorced)
  • If either party has been adopted - adoption papers
  • If under 21 years of age - parental consent in the form of an affidavit stamped by a notorary (if your wedding is in Sri Lanka).

Wedding Gift List

Tikalanka is pleased to offer a complimentary service for honeymoons. Our online Wedding Gift List enables you to create your ideal honeymoon in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Your honeymoon itinerary then acts as a list of voucher ideas for family and friends to purchase as wedding gifts. The online Wedding Gift List may include all items in your itinerary including accommodation and excursions, or just a selection - the choice is yours! Everything is managed by us, including payment, so that you are free to focus on your special day.

Your complimentary online Wedding Gift List includes:

  • A dedicated webpage with your own Wedding Gift List and active links for extra information
  • Purchases and payments for your Wedding Gift List managed by us
  • Immediate email updates when gifts are purchased
  • Special Booking Conditions 
  • No extra costs for either you or your guests.

We normally set up the Wedding Gift List three months before departure, as most people do not pledge gifts before this period in our experience. However, we will set up your Wedding Gift List online whenever you wish.

View our example Wedding Gift List to get started.

“John on behalf of Sharron and me, I would like to say thank you so much for tailor making the ‘perfect’ first visit to Sri Lanka. We have not stopped singing your company’s praises. We thank you for all that you and your staff did to make this experience – extraordinary! We’ll definitely be heading back very soon.”

Daniella & Sharron