TikaWeeks #40/2022: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 9th October 2022

Ayubowan - may you have the gift of a long life - is Sri Lanka's salutation to visitors

Apologies for taking the summer off, but with travel to Sri Lanka off limits until last month, a regular update seemed superfluous. However, enquiries and bookings are now picking up, the island is stable and showing signs of normality, and a feeling of positivity has returned to Sri Lanka. There are still shortages but the queues have disappeared and the local sentiment is upbeat. Tourism is a key driver in the country’s recovery being a major foreign currency earner and contributor to GDP so travel has a big part to play. 

What happens next? I will get the regular country updates on my blogs going again, and, in Sri Lanka, Dihini will be restarting and managing our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn feeds so please follow us on social media as well.

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