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Blogs from Tikalanka are designed to enhance your knowledge of Sri Lanka and Maldives and keep you up to date with recent developments. We intend to post regular features on travel, news, lifestyle and accommodation as well as guest articles from current and past customers, which will give you first-hand experience of Tikalanka, Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Archive: July 2023

John and Pathi in the early days, World's End, Horton Plains, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #29/2023: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 18th July 2023

We turned 19 last weekend! Tikalanka has had a tumultuous time over the years, in line with Sri Lanka. Our first season coincided with the Asian Tsunami disaster, then the civil war restarted, followed by the 2008 global economic crash. In 2009 the civil war ended and Sri Lanka quickly became the place to visit. Everything was rosy until Brexit briefly upset the apple cart before Tikalanka had the best years ever until the terrorist bombs in 2019. Then came 2020 and Covid… Only this year did we restart in earnest.

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Sinharaja Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka

TikaWeeks #28/2023: Sri Lanka update

Posted by John on 14th July 2023

​Sustainability has rightly taken centre stage as we strive to combat climate change, but what does it really mean? By today’s common definition, to be sustainable we must balance how we meet human needs with our ability to continue to do so for the foreseeable future without degrading the natural environment. This update outlines the core principles of sustainability with regard to travel and Tikalanka.

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