Why Tikalanka?

Experience The Real Sri Lanka

If you want to see the highlights of Sri Lanka as well as its hidden treasures, and experience the real Sri Lanka on your very own private independent holiday while staying in carefully selected accommodation to suit all budgets, then Tikalanka, the Sri Lanka and Maldives travel specialist, is for you!

What makes us different:

  • John (UK) and Pathi (Sri Lanka) became close friends more than 17 years ago before founding Tikalanka over 13 years ago and have a passion for showing interested travellers the real Sri Lanka.
  • We have our own offices in the UK and Sri Lanka, as well as our own dedicated team of chauffeur guides who are all trained and licensed by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board, unlike other tour operators.
  • We provide expert planning of individual itineraries with our intimate and in-depth knowledge of Sri Lanka and Maldives.
  • Unlike larger package tour companies, our Sri Lanka and Maldives holidays are truly tailor-made and created to your very own interests and requirements.
  • We have developed a sophisticated and user-friendly online tailor-made Trip Planner, which offers you the opportunity to create your own holiday to Sri Lanka and Maldives, wherever you are! Just log in to choose the place, route, sites of interest, activities, length of stay, and type and style of accommodation that suits you best.


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